Pricom provides full integrating information system that enterprises need during the rapid growth stage. In regard to the current market in the field of catering services, hotel accommodation, entertainment attractions and related industries, we aim to provide supports in various important application aspects as below:

1) Instead of original Invoicing System, we will upgrade to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which uses to grasp the company’s information of finance, sales, and manufacturing and production to ensure operating costs.

2) The Satellite Positioning System is built and integrated with the core ERP according to the needs of a business. For example, integrating Human Resources Information System (HRIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Point of Sales (POS), Logistics and Supplier Management, etc.

3) Private clouds are built according to the business’s scale. Providing cloud services and storing the information a business provides on the cloud in return can boost and increase customer interaction. Meanwhile, using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for encryption and decryption to ensure customer data and any confidential information are strongly secured.

4) By high-systematic information analysis, an advanced introduction of Business Intelligence, and building a database for multi-system information analysis, we aim to improve operating conditions and analyse and predict future growth.

In the implementation of the integration and construction of these systems, professional contracting services can be provided for development work to enhance the integration of each system.